There is something humbling about mountains. Maybe it’s their tall and grandiose appearance or the initial intimidation when you cast your eyes on it. But ultimately, the most humbling part is the sense of accomplishment that you get after climbing one.

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5 thoughts on “Mountains

      1. As a girl I went to the mountains with my family, and always loved hiking there in my teens and 20’s. Then later, I took my kids often on camping and hiking trips in the mountains. Always imagined I’d retire there one day to enjoy the quiet solitude, listen to mountain streams and the loons on the lake, and breathe in the pines. But….now I’m retired in Florida! Beautiful as it is, I do miss the mountains very much!

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    1. Same! I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains. And am lucky enough to split my year between FL (beaches) and TN (mountains) there is something about the slowing down that happens in the mountains. All gets quiet and calm- truly a place to restore the soul.

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